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The hotels on Cattolica’s seafront rise up stately and imposing directly on the beach. Exclusive and elegant, they generally belong to 3-star and 4-star categories and give time by time unforgettable stays to their guests.

Every kind of services and surprising comfort are united with a delicious sense of hospitality typical of Romagna and the impeccable professionalism of an experienced and qualified staff able to satisfy every need of the guests, even those more demanding. The direct access to the beach creates a particular situation with a continuum within hotel and beach, thanks to which the shore becomes a sort of prolongation of the hotel.

The beach of Cattolica, exceptionally equipped, represent therefore by itself an unimaginable kaleidoscope of events and opportunities, starting from the possibility to practise every kind of sport, from the most extreme to those more traditional, through the possibility to sunbathe, enjoy the infinity of activities of wellness and fitness, the internet access directly on the beach, reading and restaurants, without forgetting the opportunity to take part to events of any kind.

Admiring from their inside the hotels on the Cattolica’s seafront you will be pleasantly surrounded by the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere that countersigns the many places furnished with taste and refinement. The furnishes’ style differentiates in every single structure making so every hotel different and original, but always exclusive and refined.

The rooms, spacious and bright, are full of accessorizes while the restaurant, cleverly managed by insuperable chefs, will know how to give unforgettable instants to your palate with dishes both of meat and fish in which you can find imagination, tradition and genuineness.

The position, absolutely strategic, of these hotels on the seafront of Cattolica allow to their guests to enjoy every time of the day and the night of the spectacular scenery of the shore that can be admired by enchanting terraces, from the balconies and the ample glass door of bright lunchrooms. From the promontory of Gabicce up to the skyscraper of Cesenatico, everybody remains seduced by the timeless charm of the coast.

To the beach, sunny and crowded during the day with the green-blue sea that dissolves in the sky along the line of the horizon, time by time it replaces the night-time panorama that reserves magic and suggestive emotions when the coast illuminates itself of a lot of coloured lights while from the sky the moon dominates uncontested by reflecting her rays on a sea that confuses him in distance in the dark of the night.

In the hotels on the Cattolica’s seafront that directly lean out on the beach a lot of space is naturally dedicated to animation. Parties, happy hours, dancing evenings and every kind of event are daily scheduled and give a special touch to every day and evening that you will spend in hotel, giving you moments always different and unforgettable with the look inevitably turned toward the sea.