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Campsites Cattolica

Tourism outdoors has conquered in the last years more and more supporters that love spending their holidays in total freedom and directly in contact with nature, but without denies oneself of the many services and comforts that give holidays pleasure and relax.
The main importance of this “modus vivendi” goes back to the historical expression “to camp”, when Roman soldiers or ancient travellers stop along the run sleeping outdoors, under field tents or mobile-lodges away from built-up areas.

The word “camping” suggests the structures used for welcome tourists and whoever has to front a travel longer than one day.
Today, the campers choose often to spend their holidays or travel periods using structures equipped that allow them to lodge in tents, bungalows and similar, with costs less expensive in comparison with hotels, pensions and hostels.
Tourist that prefer staying in camping, often knows and choose himself this kind of accommodation, considering their own needs and the peculiarity of the places that he will run through or visit.

In Cattolica there aren’t campings, but there are many in the nearby that are well equipped so to satisfy all requirements of the guests and give them an unforgettable stay in a beautiful tourist context. A few meters beyond the territory of Cattolica, carrying on along the waterline you’ll find one after the other many campings in the vanguard and equipped with every sort of lodge, services and comfort able to satisfy all expectations of those who love tourism outdoors.

These structures are completely immersed in the nature, even if often situated in the city centre, or very close to the beach, and got big spaces equipped with pitches for tents and campers. In some campings you can also find pretty bungalows, big and comfortable, or mobile home recently built, well furnished and suitable for everybody: families, couples and young people. On the inside of these green oasis you can find big and modern swimming pools, hemmed-in by sun beds and coloured beach-umbrellas, that in the evening are floodlighted with suggestive lights for an unusual swim under the moonlight. There are also diving boards for the diving lovers and whirlpool baths for moments of pleasant relax. If in the other hand you need some lesson of swimming you can enjoy the presence of a qualified trainer. For the children there are instead special small swimming pools with slides, cascades and water games. Catering represent one of the most appreciated services of the campings near Cattolica and attest how here everybody enjoys the good food! Restaurants on the inside of the campings propose menus irresistible and full of delicious dishes of the Romagna’s gastronomic tradition but also of the international and exotic cooking, always based on genuine and quality products. There are then also pizzerias with wood stove where to taste every kind of pizza, from the more classical to those realized with atypical ingredients for an undoubtedly and unusual taste.

Other possibilities to have something to eat are given by self service areas, where you can refresh in autonomously, or in supermarkets with their gastronomic sessions full of every kind of food, or furthermore you can refresh yourselves in one of the cafés situated on the inside of the Camping. If on the other hand you prefer a little snack, maybe of fruit and vegetables, you can enjoy the presence of some kiosks in garden areas. One of the hobbies more preferred by the tourists of the coast is without any doubt the sport. For them, the Campings offer a lot of opportunities, both on the inside that outside. In the Camping are organized for example courses of fitness including aerobic, step, exercises and aqua gym. There are then also tennis and volleyball courts, bowling green and ping-pong. Outside of the Camping the main protagonists of sport activities are instead the water games. Sailing, kite surf, aqua scooter, canoe, swimming, boat tourism, Para fly, skin-board, kayak and the eternal “pedalò”, they are among the sea-sports the most popular and include traditional activities beside to newer and original ones. The beach is instead the kingdom for fitness courses, Frisbee, beach volley, beach tennis, beach soccer and much other.

People who love tourism outdoors can so find in the nearby of Cattolica (a few kilometres to the North along the waterline, or up to Gabicce Monte) some beautiful and well equipped Campings where spending unforgettable holidays through the nature and surrounded by a territory that offers a lot of possibilities to have fun and relax.