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Gastronomic specialities Cattolica


Cattolica, last outpost of the Romagna region, only a stone’s throw from the border with the Marches region, is the ideal starting point for a journey into the delights of gourmet or better slow food eating in these two regions.

In the local restaurants of Cattolica, as well as fresh fish, superbly cooked, you’ll be enticed by home-made pasta (the local speciality is “strozzapreti”) and mouth-watering soups (bean and chick-peas are a favourite) prepared in the best rural tradition. Chicken, rabbit and chargrilled meat are also a classic.

Italy,  land of a thousand dialects and even more specialities, offers variations on flavours, and in the way food is prepared, even over short distances. For example, the “piadina” in Cattolica is thin with a fairly low fat content, whilst, in the Marches region, it’s much thicker and flakier, due to the presence of a high fat content.

Other specialities in Cattolica are: polenta with clams (yellow corn-meal, boiled into a thick consistency), fish “brodetto” (stewed fish in a dense sauce), chargrilled sardines with piadina and salad (from our seafaring tradition) and, last, but not least, the local cake known as miacetto.

For aficionados constantly in search of “trattorias” and farmhouses where excellent food is to be found at convenient prices, we suggest a trip to the hinterland. Towards towns and villages such as Mondaino, Saludecio, Montegridolfo, Coriano on the Romagnole side or Gradara and Tavullia in the nearby Marches region. Also within easy compass in the Marches, there’s Urbino, Fermignano, Acqualagna and Sant’Agata Feltria – home of the famous wild truffles.

Discerning food lovers will appreciate the variety of the different cuisines deriving from local culture and history.

The texts are translated from the Italian,
and originate in their orginal form
from the newspaper” La Piazza di Rimini”


Restaurants Cattolica

Theres a wide range of restaurants, trattorie and country farm houses, all preparing local and fresh produce, cooked in the best possible way, whatever the month or occasion.