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Restaurants Cattolica




Restaurants on the beach in Cattolica

Taking lunch, dinner or breakfast on open air, very close to the sea and with the starry nights all around are experiences to live at least once a life.

Open all year restaurants Cattolica

The list of restaurants in Cattolica, which are open all year. Meat and fish specialties in all seasons.

Seafood Restaurants in Cattolica

Pamper yourself and beguile all five senses, go to one of the popular fish restaurants in Cattolica and enjoy delicious antipasti, pasta or rice dishes with fish sauce and of course a "grigliata di pesce" it mean fresh fish, usually in a spicy breading from the charcoal grill. A glass of wine while eating, afterwards a lemon sorbet and an espresso and one feels "in Italy".

Chinese Restaurants Cattolica

For a special evening to get an insight into another culture or even just out of curiosity, treat yourself to a meal at a Chinese restaurant in Cattolica. Lovers of good food can also taste in Italy exotic flavors of "oriental food" in many Chinese restaurants in or around Cattolica. On the menu the most popular Chinese dishes based on traditional recipes. Enjoy a meal in a beautiful traditional Chinese ambience and choose Chinese dishes on an rich menu.

Meat or pizza

Where, how and what to eat so in Cattolica, here in overview a list of restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias in the city.

Cattolica offers plenty, especially for those who are fond of good food & fine wine. Why not come for a weekend or even a holiday to us here in the Adriatic, to try our regional cooking which the Romagna district offers to all its guests. Theres a wide range of restaurants, trattorie and country farm houses, all preparing local and fresh produce, cooked in the best possible way, whatever the month or occasion.

Cattolica is on the border between the Romagna and the Marche region, an ideal location for you to adventure into both districts and flavour their gastronomical specialities.

At the restaurants in Cattolica you will find a fantastic variety of fresh fish from the Adriatic sea, cooked in the best possible way and fabuolus fresh hand made pasta, with the favourite dishes being strozzapreti & tagliatelle made in a ragu sauce (a bolognese & sausage sauce), passatelli in a warm broth and obviously classic risottos. Second courses consist of a vast selection of meat, rabbit with wild fenell, chicken in a tasty sauce or simply roasted with potatoes and grilled vegtables, these are just to mention a few…..

Also in keeping with the tradition, the restaurants serve delicious soups and many other rustic dishes using, of course the best extra virgin olive oil. A massive favourite which we cannot forget is the Piadina Romagnola, served warm, perfect accompained with cold meats, like salami and parma ham & local cheeses.

A perfect ending of course with dessert, Cattolica has many mouthwatering cakes & sweets, Miacetto being a great favourite, come and try for yourself….

Along with great food, we cannot forget our local fine wines, all DOC red & whites, with possible trips to the winery to sample the likes of Sangiovese,  Albana and many more.

The good food guide of Cattolica suggests also many pizzeries and plenty of other local restaurants and in the nearby countryside.