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Theme & Amusement Parks of the Adriatic Coast


on the Riviera of Rimini and the whole Romagna

the most famous pleasure-, theme and water parks of the Adriatic Riviera in Italy

The Aquarium of Cattolica – it’s only a few metres from your hotel, here you can find rare species of marine life such as large sharks and hammerhead sharks. The building, which hosts the  aquarium dates back to 1932 and was originally used as seaside holiday camp for children, today it represents one of the most beautiful and unique futuristic structures along the whole Adriatic coast in Italy, the building looks like a naval fleet ready to sail! here some photos…

Oltremare Riccione – The Oltremare and Imax Park is 7 km away, inaugurated in June 2005 it illustrates the wonders and marvels of the planet Earth and its seas by means of an incredible journey through time. The extinction of the dinosaur, Seahorses, predatory birds, funny, friendly farm animals and a spectacular dolphin show.

Acquafan Riccione – Aquafan is the most famous water park in Europe and is only 7 km from Cattolica. The 90 thousand sq. mts of this Riccione hillside has more than 3 kms of water slides, a massive pool with a wave machine, entertainment, shows and celebrities and big events

Delphinarium Rimini – Welcome to the wonderful world of dolphins: intelligence, sympathy and affection are the characteristics of these wonderful animals. One of the fundamental aims of dolphinarium in Rimini is to offer a possibility of a close encounter with these magnificent creatures .

Fiabilandia – For the little ones and just 16 km away, there is the beautiful Fiabilandia Park with lots of rides, shows and walks through the park … it’s also where you can find Captain Nemo, Peter Pan, The Magic Village, The Old Troll and many more fantastic characters.

Italy in miniature – Rimini – Italy in miniature is 25 km away and it is where you can find more than 270 perfect reproductions of marvellous architecture, you travel throughout Italy as well as parts of Europe in only a few hours, in addition there is the romantic city of Venice, reduced to 1/5 … so you can sail down the Grand Canal …!

Mirabilandia Ravenna – Forty minutes away by car Ravenna is the home of Mirabilandia the place for fun and excitement; it is the largest park on the Adriatic Riviera where you will find lots of rides and attractions for everyone both young and old.