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Itinerary in Cattolica


Let’s start this itinerary from the Town Hall, set in Piazza Roosevelt, from here, it’s possible, by crossing Via Ferri and Via della Resistenza to reach Piazza della Repubblica, also known as “Arena della Regina”, it’s of modern style and is also where the Theatre and the Multirole Cultural Centre with library as well as the post office are to be found. The Arena della Regina houses international shows and exhibitions.

Walking down Via Petrarca, you reach Piazza de Curtis, here the weekly market is held every Saturday, a favourite with locals and tourists. From here you can reach the harbour, lively centre of the fishing industry in Cattolica.

Continuing towards the town centre, from the promenade we can admire the beach with its fine, golden sand and the well organised establishments. The town has been awarded with the pretigious blue flag many times for its clear, clean and safe sea.

Next stop is Piazza Primo Maggio, renowned for its musical fountains, which every evening at 10 p.m. during the summer entertains the many tourists gathered in the piazza. The symbol of the town, the Mermaid Fountain, can be admired from the middle of the square. The fountains, moving to the rhythm of the music with their brightly coloured lights and the gardens make this square the main meeting point and the ideal venue for souvenir photos.

Walking up Via Bovio and Mancini, which are a “must” for shopping addicts, you reach the Piazza Mercato, full of shops and where many open-air events take place, such as the market run by children, concerts held by new musical groups, the summer dancing lessons. The conferences and meetings held by the Civic University are held in the tiny theatre “Snaporaz” to be found at the far end of the square.

Moving on, turning left, we reach the Church of San Pio, patron saint of Cattolica, or turning right, the smaller church of Saint Apollinare. Opposite the smaller church is the Malatestian Fortress and the Museum of the Regina.

We now find ourselves in Via Pascoli, or the “old part of Cattolica”, rich in history and tradition.
In the summer, weekly antique markets are held during the evening.
At the end of this street, walking towards Via Fiume and the sea, we reach Via Carducci and Via Dante, the two main streets during the summer season; full of shops, hotels, pizza houses – a sort of “up-market” bazaar where you can shop or just enjoy a pause in one of the many bars and restaurants. Via Dante is a pedestrian zone area!!

At the far end of Viale Carducci, the last stop on our itinerary, is Cattolica’s Aquarium, Le Navi. Here the sea turns into real live, with lots of aquariums, the special tank full of frightening sharks and where it’s possible to actually touch and stroke the fish, fun entertainment for all the family!