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Here you’ll find everything worth to know about the main places and sights of interest in and arround Cattolica. Enjoy the countrside of Cattolica, discover the medieval castles in Gradara, San Leo and San Marino, which are only a few kilometers away.


Caves of Onferno

Caves of Onferno

26 KM – the Oriented Natural Reserve appears to be a world away from the liveliness of the Riviera: tranquillity, relaxation and immersion in nature are its main characteristics. At the Reserve, you can visit one of the most striking regional karst formations. On guided tours you can explore the underground system and admire the rock pendants, big colourful creations, the biggest round-topped hanging rocks in Europe and huge masses of crystals on the ceilings of the caves. The biggest regional bat colony can be found in these caves.

Park of Mount St. Bartolo

Park of Mount St. Bartolo

5 KM – from the beaches of the Romagna and Marche regions emerges in a wavy succession of spurs and hills which slope to the sea. This is an area of great interest, both from a naturalistic and cultural-historical point of view: with all its charm, this park narrates ancient history and describes its relationship with the sea, the animals, the plants and the people of the region.

Gastronomic specialities Cattolica

Delight the Italian recipes like piadina, strozzapreti and home-made pasta. Gourmet itinerary in Cattolica Rimini Adriatic Coast Italy to know and delight best fish and meat dishes of the Italian cuisine.

Conca Valley - Valconca

The Valley or the River Conca is characterised by its splendid hills. These softly rounded hummocks form a gentle landscape, interrupted only occasionally by deep ravines, which bring a pleasant contrast of shape and colour to the panorama and add to the variety and fascination of the terrain.

Small town gems - small but worth a visit

Discover the marvelous sleepy villages, medieval fortifications, churches and pilgrimage sites nestled in a beautiful landscape with vineyards and olive groves.

From Riccione to the Onferno Caves

Reach San Giovanni in Marignano from Riccione, passing through a glorious countryside, called the granary of the Malatestas. Then follow the course of the River Conca and you’ll come to Morciano di Romagna, a nice town only a few kilometers from the bustling seaside resorts of the Riviera and point of transit between the plain and the hills. Proceed through Serra di Sotto and Serra di Sopra, along an ascending and winding scenic road, you’ll reach Montefiore Conca. The trip continues now along the old via Pedrosa, amid oak, olive and chestnut trees, you’ll come to Gemmano, and finally, along another breathtaking scenic road to the Onferno Caves.

The wine and dine routes

This is a journey to be made slowly, amid sea, plains, hills and mountains, strolling through ancient villages, entering artisan workshops, stopping along the road to taste food and wine which, in these parts, are much more than nourishment, art and science, as Pellegrino Artusi, the famous gastronomist and native to the area put it.

Itinerary in Cattolica

A small guide for Cattolica. For the summer season, Cattolica offers events for every taste and hundreds of entertainments. Friendliness and warmth are on the agenda.

The Republic of San Marino

30 KM – The Republic of San Marino, a real small state within the Italian borders, is so famous that it does not require lengthy presentations. It was founded according to tradition in 301 d.c. by the Holy namesake. San Marino is a very popular tourist destination for strolling among its narrow streets full of quaint shops and breathtaking views … worth a visit.