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Beach of Cattolica

The about 2 km long, crescent-shaped sandy beach of Cattolica interrupts harmonious, the straight Riviera and the green of the surrounding hills.

The optimal location and permanent regular atmospheric movements towards the sea, temper the climate of the town and protect it from the bad weather fronts from the north.

A constant steady gentle wind “Bava della Valle” lowers the summer heat pleasant.

Cattolica is protected from the sea by breakwaters, they hold the golden sand at the edge of the sea, which now makes the beach look so wonderful.

In summer, this beach is just skillfully kept by beach attendants. It is equipped with all amenities to suit all needs. Who would like to spend a day on the seaside can find here, except sunbathing or swimming, a variety of possibilities, such as a unique, delicious local and international cuisine, and maybe after a relaxing nap under a parasol, sea excursions in a sailing boat, a rowing or motor boat, with Jet ski, wind surfing and much more.

In addition to the best entertainment programs offered by the beach establishments of Cattolica an excellent rescue service, consisting of a group of lifeguards trained by the Italian swimmer Federation (Federazione Italiana Nuoto), which oversee the beach and the sea, the whole day. There are specific points on the whole beach with lookout towers and rescue boats. They are equipped with all necessary accessories and constantly connected to each other via radio. The Lifeguards monitor their assigned water surface, always ready to intervene if it appears necessary and always in synergy with the other on land and the Emergency 118.

Even the seabed is not dangerous because it only falls gently towards the open sea, so even inexperienced swimmers swim in safety.

The natural swimming pool that has formed between the rocks and the beach is safe and presents no hazards such as: holes, swirl, swirl, waves or currents that can lead to accidents.

Only in bad weather you must be really careful and pay attention to the flags that serve as a warning. Dangerous weather conditions are indicated by the red flag being hoisted at all places good to be seen on the beach, it is forbidden to swim in the open sea.

The bathing establishments are connected among themselves with a modern interphone system, it is useful to indicate sudden weather changes and to announce children which have lost the way.

The beach of Cattolica has been awarded in the following years with the Blue Flag: (1988, 1989, 1991, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 ).

The Blue Flag of European beaches, is a coveted award that is awarded for organization and quality of water.

The award of the CEE each year has a special value because the Committee of the European Union is very strict.

The administration of the municipality recognizes this award as the culmination of years of effort in terms of nature conservation.

A particular thank to the inhabitants, all businesses and the thousands of tourists which each year lead the beach of Cattolica to the top of international tourism offers.

Beach establishments

Discover one of the most popular beaches for holidays in Italy. Enjoy fantastic innovative beach facilities like entertainment for children, play area and kiddies club, innovative swimming pools, jacuzzi, fitness corner, table tennis, beach volley, animation, baby changing rooms, bathrooms, hot and cold showers, modern bars with beautiful panoramic views and lots, lots more!

The Blue Flag

The Blue Flag in Cattolica stands for clean and safe environments.Get acquainted with the Blue Flag! Let us tell you what that means.