Residence Cattolica 25 accomodation facilities available


Modern and equipped of all comforts, the Residences of Cattolica are usually situated very close to the sea and grant to their guests a beautiful stay based on pleasure and relax. Residences in Cattolica are countersigned by places and furnishings very comforting and elegant, with rooms well equipped with everything necessary to make holidays a period of total relax. Appliances, air conditioned, parking, cleaning of the apartments, laundry service, they are only a part of the great offer of services and comforts available for guests. The apartments, often equipped with terrace or balcony, are of many dimensions and included delicious studios, pleasant two-rook and more spacious three-room flat. You can find also bigger apartments if you need more space. Many Residences of Cattolica, as the Residences of Rimini, observe a “season opening”, but there are many others that are open all the year long. Either way, it is possible to rent apartments for very flexible periods that go from a week to longer time. About the price of the rate, usually very inviting, it depends by a lot of factors as high or low season, residence’s hotel category and type of room that you choose. Now it’s your time, we give you to make your choice!