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2-star hotels in Cattolica are the ideal solution for people who love to spend their holidays in a comfortable and friendly place saving money with cheap prices typical of all inclusive and last minute offers. Most of 2-star hotels in Cattolica, usually directed by familial management, are situated close to the beach, offering a lot of interesting facilities and discounts for the “sea-life” and a special good cooking with traditional dishes both with meat and fish. Animation and entertainment are very lively, on the beach as in the hotel, so to give to adults and children some happy and light-hearted time. On hand for guests there are also special conventions with the famous parks of the coast. On the other hand, if you enjoy spending holidays with your four-legged friends, it’s opportune to remember that many hotels accept willingly small-sized animals. Good quality services, comfort and a friendly welcome atmosphere at cheaper prices, they are the real core of holidays in the 2-star hotels of Cattolica, the “Queen” of Adriatic coast! We give you the choice!