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Accommodation facilities Cattolica

Most of Cattolica’s hotels rise directly on the sea or very close to it and they represent a patrimony of enormous importance for the whole town, being destined to welcome and to satisfy a considerable part of the tourists that are guests in the “Adriatic’s Queen” spending their holidays. With a special welcome spirit, high quality services, a great comfort and professionalism consolidated along the time, they make the hotels of Cattolica the ideal places for a stay of pleasure and relax. Divided by categories, they represent the best of welcome, starting from a delicious and irresistible cuisine fruit of the renowned Romagna’s gastronomic best tradition, also with food specialties from other italian regions, exotic dishes and light menus with few calories and fats, for people that don’t want to give up sport and wealth even on holiday. For children you can generally find special recipes based on a right equilibrium among a correct nutritional supply, a good taste and an inviting preparation. It’s well known in fact the special sensibility with which these hotel keepers welcome families, for which are provided hotel services, comforts and accessories to make more pleasant and relaxant than possible the stay both for parents and children. Animation activities, both on the beach and in the hotel, represent a great attraction for the tourists of every age, especially by the job of entertainment’s professionals that organise parties, karaoke, exhibitions, appetizers, music and dance evenings and every kind of show. Facilitations by the “Queen beach” and the most famous parks of the coast, and the possibility to use bikes to “drive” in the city, they are the prerogative of many hotels in Cattolica, to put aside from their affiliation’s category. There is then a big rage of comforts and services that concern exclusively the hotels of superior category. Refined and elegant, the 4 stars hotels represent the higher quality of Romagna’s typical welcome, permeated by a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in which you find furnishings elegant and originals. Spacious and very bright, their rooms are countersigned by a very high comfort quality, places are generally air-conditioned and the staff will be able to satisfy every your requirement with discretion and efficiency. Parking’s, swimming pools, gardens, wellness centre, panoramic patios, and also big halls for conventions; they complete a great offer of services. 3 stars hotels in Cattolica propose holidays with a lot of high quality services, many comforts and a great welcome spirit. Parking, swimming pool, air conditioned, well equipped rooms, areas for sport activities, wellness and relax, they countersign often the offer of this hotel category. 1 or 2-star hotels offer a stay maybe more plain and essential in which are the protagonists the typical characteristics of holydays made in Romagna: quality, best services, comfort and courtesy, with prices absolutely inviting. Obviously, the description about the different hotel categories is generic for give you some general information; so, to know the exact characteristics of each hotel we suggest you to call it directly. We further have to tell that almost all the hotels of Cattolica always propose sensational offers all inclusive and last minute that make even more desirable and convenient to stay in the “Queen of Adriatic See”.