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Open all year restaurants Cattolica


Here is the list of Cattolica’s restaurants open all the year long, you can taste in them a lot of excellent both meat and fish courses.
Romagna’s gastronomy and wines boasts a tradition of absolute prestige that puts it among the places in which on celebrate a real great love for good cooking. It’s an ancient feeling made of passion and devotion, research and creativity that turn into special courses able to express the best tastes, aromas and perfumes of this territory leaned out to the sea and protected by the hills behind. The Adriatic see and the countries in the hinterland become so precious reserves from which to draw an incredibly variegated patrimony of fresh and genuine products that are the main protagonists on the tables in Romagna. They are a lot the places where to taste the dainty dishes of the Romagna’s culinary tradition, starting from simple kiosks with piadina up to pubs and pizzerias and the more luxury restaurants that offer complete menus both of meat and fish from appetizers to desserts.
The prices seesaw according to the type of place that is chosen. In the town you will find in fact extremely refined elegant restaurants proper to a particularly demanding clientele, nearby to other cheaper exercises with equal quality and freshness of products, so as the goodness of the food. The staff of the restaurants of Cattolica is highly qualified, starting from the cooks that move their experience and creativeness to every single preparation with a great courtesy and availability in to satisfy the demands of the guests. The restaurants of Cattolica offer to their clientele not only the delicious Romagna typical cooking with its intense tastes but also alternative recipes as for example exotic original courses, foreign cooking or light menus. So, during your holiday in Cattolica, you have absolutely to enjoy food and taste above all locale specialties like lasagne, passatelli with fish broth, piadina cooked on the typical “testo”, meats, grill and fried fish.

There are really a lot of occasions and opportunities to well eat and drink in Cattolica, starting from the pubs up to pizzerias and refined meat and seafood restaurants. With any doubt the great protagonist is the typical gastronomy of Romagna, with appetizers of meats and cheeses to be tasted with the piadina, dishes of pasta, seafood and meat, up to the desserts as “ciambellone”, “pagnotta” and “miacetto”, this one typical on Christmas’ time. All this absolutely to taste with some glass of good local wines like Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano and Pagadebit. In our portal you can find all the best restaurants in Cattolica, listed for typology in seafood and meat restaurants. Near the little harbour many restaurants cook every day fresh fish respecting the best seafaring tradition. Absolutely not to lose the typical courses “brodetto”, mixed fried fish, “risotto alla marinara” or the “tagliolini allo scoglio” that combines fish and pasta.

Meat Fisch Pizza


Restaurant Pizzeria Al Caminetto
Via Francesca Da Rimini, 34
0541 830138
Restaurant Pizzeria Al Dollaro
Via Fiume 7
0541 962791
Restaurant – Self Service Al Pesce Azzurro
C/O Acquario di Cattolica
Pl. Delle Nazioni, 1/A
0541 831186
0541 835911
Restaurant Amarcord
Via Saludecese, 274
0541 958844
Vicolo Santa Lucia
Via Carducci, 76
0541 954677
Restaurant Bistrot Nettuno
Via Rasi Spinelli 28
0541 963365
Restaurant Bulen
Piazza Roosvelt, 1
0541 961190
Restaurant BT Hotel
Via Toscana
0541 1903093
Restaurant Brasiliano Caipirado
Via Fiume 24
Churrascaria & Specialità Brasiliane
0541 411037
389 5598387
Restaurant Cane Del Greco
Via Fiume, 56
0541 833298
Restaurant Cico’s
Via Rasi Spinelli, 50
0541 963297
Restaurant Dalla Maria
Via Oriolo 10
0541 962576
Osteria Dei Muré
Via Lungotavollo 2
0541 831607
Restaurant Faro
Piazza Porto Di Cattolica
0541 960185
Osteria Forza e Coraggio
Via Antonini 10
0541 830243
Restaurant Gambero Rozzo
Via Fiume, 58
0541 968253
Restaurant Gente di Mare
Nuova Darsena Porto di Cattolica
Trattoria Gina
Via G. Bruno 31
0541 962954
Restaurant Gradisca
Via Risorgimento 17
0541 833218
Restaurant Grottino
Via Allende 162
0541 958744
Restaurant Il Caminetto
Via F. da Rimini
0541 830138
Restaurant Il Gambero
Via Rossini 26
0541 831191
Restaurant Il Pentolino
Cattolica alta
0541 962760
Restaurant Il Portico
Via della Resistenza 6
0541 960263
Restaurant La Lampara
Pz. Darsena
0541 963296
Restaurant La Musena
Pz. Darsena
333 5380617
Restaurant L’Anfora
Via Rossini 16
0541 953702
Restaurant La Puracia
Via G. Bretagna 2
0541 830760
Restaurant La Rocca – Pub
Via Pascoli 3
0541 967036
Restaurant La Soffitta
Via Pascoli 85
0541 960647
Locanda Liuzzi
Via Carducci 1
0541 830100
Restaurant Pizzeria Lo Sfizio
Via Pascoli 31
0541 958287
Madrugada Cafè
Via Carducci 118
0541 831123
Restaurant Marittimo/ Dalla Betta
Pz. Darsena
0541 954768
Restaurant Messico
Via Allende 71
0541 952112
Trattoria Norina
Via Magellano 1
0541 963414
Restaurant Oasi
Via Irma Bandiera 63
0541 833577
Restaurant Oh Capitano, mio Capitano
Piazza del Porto
0541 954065
Restaurant Osteria Porka Vacca
Via Caboto 6 – Nuova Darsena di Cattolica
0541 951884
331 1931445
Restaurant Protti
Via E. Romagna 185
0541 954457
Restaurant Remo
Via Garibaldi 50
0541 830343
Restaurant Rosy
Via Emilia Romagna 124
0541 954342
Restaurant – Self Service Al Pesce Azzurro
C/O Acquario di Cattolica
Pl. Delle Nazioni, 1/A
0541 831186
0541 835911