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Meat or pizza


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Meat restaurants in Cattolica

On the hills and countries of Romagna are produced excellent wines and products that fill of irresistible tastes the meat restaurants, what they are expressed in extraordinary courses as mixed grilled meat. From tortellini to lasagne, from magic meat sauce ragout to tasty cheeses, and then meat of good choice, meats, piadina and always fresh bread. You can find all this in a lot of meat restaurants for every taste, from the more plain to luxury ones, never forgetting the rustic eating houses and eating farms just a few kilometres far from the sea.

Meat Fish Pizza


Meat Restaurant



Ristorante Pizzeria
Al Caminetto
Via Francesca Da Rimini, 34
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 830138
Ristorante Pizzeria Al Dollaro
Via Fiume 7
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 962791
Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Sfizio
Via Pascoli 31 – website
MeatPizza0541 958287
Ristorante Amarcord
Via Saludecese, 274
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 958844
Vicolo Santa Lucia
Via Carducci, 76
MeatFish & Seafood0541 954677
Ristorante Bistrot Nettuno
Via Rasi Spinelli 28
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 963365
Ristorante Giorgia e Papà
Piazza Roosvelt, 1
MeatFish & Seafood0541 961190
Ristorante Cane Del Greco
Via Fiume, 56
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 833298
Ristorante Cico’s
Via Rasi Spinelli, 50
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 963297
Ristorante Dalla Maria
Via Oriolo 10
MeatFish & Seafood0541 962576
Osteria Forza e Coraggio
Via Antonini 10
MeatFish & Seafood0541 830243
Trattoria Gina
Via G. Bruno 31
Meat0541 962954
Ristorante Gradisca
Via Risorgimento 17
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 833218
Ristorante Grottino
Via Allende 162
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 958744
Ristorante Il Caminetto
Via F. da Rimini
MeatFish & Seafood0541 830138
Ristorante Il Pentolino
Cattolica alta
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 962760
Ristorante Osteria Porka Vacca
Via Caboto 6 – new marina of Cattolica
Meat339 2337522
Ristorante Il Portico
Via della Resistenza 6
MeatPizza0541 960263
Ristorante L’Anfora
Via Rossini 16
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 953702
Ristorante La Puracia
Via G. Bretagna 2
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 830760
Ristorante La Soffitta
Via Pascoli 85
MeatFish & Seafood0541 960647
Locanda Liuzzi
Via Carducci 1
MeatFish & Seafood0541 830100
Madrugada Cafè
Via Carducci 118
MeatFish & Seafood0541 831123
Ristorante Messico
Via Allende 71
Meat0541 952112
Trattoria Norina
Via Magellano 1
MeatFish & Seafood0541 963414
Ristorante Oasi
Via Irma Bandiera 63
MeatFish & SeafoodPizza0541 833577
Ristorante Protti
Via E. Romagna 185
MeatFish & Seafood0541 954457
Ristorante Remo
Via Garibaldi 50
MeatFish & Seafood0541 830343
Ristorante Rosy
Via Emilia Romagna 124
MeatFish & Seafood0541 954342