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Wine from the Rimini hills



The origin of wine making in the Rimini area dates back through the centuries. This is testified to by extensive historical documentation containing a wealth of information about the methods and tools used to make wine over the centuries.

In the area that stretches from the Adriatic coast to the hills of the Marecchia and Conca Valleys fine wines continue to be made today, an expression of the local wine-making heritage.colli-di-rimini

From the grapes grown here, wines such as Doc Colli di Rimini: White, Red, Biancame, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rebola are made.

Among the reds, a leading role is played by Sangiovese, an excellent fruity wine that ages well.

citta-dei-vini-riminiSangiovese grapes are also mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon to obtain better character wines and, to a lesser extent, with older grape varieties such as Verucchiese and Marzabino.

Among the white varieties are the traditional Trebbiano of Romagna, Rebola and Bombino Bianco (known as Pagadebit), used to make wines either on their own or mixed with Chardonnay and Sauvignon grapes.

At the table, food/wine combinations prove very interesting.

The reds go well with grilled meat, dressed-pork products, tagliatelle bolognaise, and local “formaggio di fossa” cheese; the whites are superb with seafood and fish dishes, “passatelli in brodo” and piadina.

Tasty combinations in a land where everything speaks of art, including food and wine.