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The wine and dine routes



Good habits never die

This is the pleasure coast of Europe; here you’ll find everything you need for a good holiday and a little more besides.

Europe’s most famous beaches, the cleanest and safest sea, the most trendy entertainment, unparalleled hospitality, love and respect for nature, and a great artistic, cultural and food and wine heritage, the latter being another strong point in the history of this land. A land, for those who want to discover it, that narrates of civilisations, traditions, human labour and the roots, inventiveness and friendliness of the people.

This is a journey to be made slowly, amid sea, plains, hills and mountains, strolling through ancient villages, entering artisan workshops, stopping along the road to taste food and wine which, in these parts, are much more than nourishment, art and science, as Pellegrino Artusi, the famous gastronomist and native to the area put it. Frequent stops are recommended to allow yourself to be seduced by the art of cooking and by the local traditions: typical restaurants, trattorias, osterias, cellars, tourist farms, farms, fish markets, dairies and cheese manufacturers, oil mills. Also numerous are the festivals and fairs where fragrances, colours and flavours change with the changing of the seasons and where the big attraction is tasting local produce because, of course, at the table good habits never get old.

Denomination and identification codes:

DOC – Controlled Denomination

DOCG – Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin

DOP – Protected Denomination of Origin

IGP – Protected Geographic Identification

Among the pleasures of the Malatesta and Montefeltro

Delight the palate and delight the eye. Discover the countryside of the province of Rimini and explore itineraries along the Wine and Dine Route.

Emilia Romagna - delicacies, not to be missed

Discover food and wine and all typical products of the region Emilia Romagna for "a holiday with more flavour". Get suggestions and practical information to discover the tastier aspects of the Adriatic coast and let yourself be tempted.

The sweet salt of Cervia

For over a thousand years, the economy of Cervia rested on the production of its salt pans. Cervia sea salt is collected and packed according to traditional methods. It is not dried artificially or treated with additives, features all the natural humidity of unrefined salt and contains all the minerals found in sea water.

Pesce azzurro

Along the Adriatic coast from Cesenatico to Cattolica, the smell of the sea air mixes with the intense fragrances from kitchens and from the fires of restaurants and trattorias. The smell of fish has always predominated.

Formaggio di fossa

The formaggio di fossa cheese is produced only in the Rubicone and Marecchia valleys, on the border between Romagna and Marche, this is a sheep’s milk or mixed cheese left to mature for about three months “in holes in the ground”.

Wine from the Rimini hills

The origin of wine making in the Rimini area dates back through the centuries. This is testified to by extensive historical documentation containing a wealth of information about the methods and tools used to make wine over the centuries.

Oil from the Romagna hills

Even today vineyards and olive groves represent a distinctive feature of the rural landscape and play a major role in the economy of Romagna. The Colline di Romagna variety, which thanks to its high quality has achieved Dop recognition, is the extra-virgin olive oil produced in the hills of the province of Rimini.

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