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From Riccione to the Onferno Caves

Montefiore Conca


34 km route

Culture and Nature

Riccione has always been a fashionable locality, with Viale Ceccarini, its elegant boutiques, modern bars and cafés and a beautiful equipped beach. This is one of the most ‘in’ spots of the entire Romagna coast.

Behind the town, towards the Conca Valley, lies peaceful countryside, only occasionally scarred by erosion furrows, with towns such as Morciano di Romagna, with its ancient trading vocation and a strategic position between the plains and fertile hills. From here the road climbs towards Montefiore Conca, formerly the old capital of the valley, one of the most authentic and best preserved towns of the Seignory in terms of landscapes and monuments, reputed to be one of ‘the most beautiful villages in Italy’.

ic-onfernoIts restored fortress, the Rocca Malatestiana, dominates the valley and the whole of the old-town centre with its narrow streets and artisan workshops. Gemmano is a must for anyone wanting to enjoy the pristine natural surroundings of the Rimini hills with breathtaking scenery, including the Onferno Nature Reserve and its caves, a karst system of considerable importance, first explored by Quartina in 1916. A small underground river has sculpted these limestone rocks creating tunnels, rooms and recesses in the ground stretching for 750 metres. The caves are home to numerous bats.

Food festivals and markets

Food festivals

Ever since the Middle-Ages, the ancient Fiera di San Gregorio has been held at Morciano di Romagna in mid March. This includes an animal market with horses, cows, sheep and farm­yard animals and an exhibition of crafts and industrial/farm products.

In mid-August, Gemmano stages the Sagra delle pappardelle al cinghiale (Festival of wild boar noodles) and offers visitors gastronomic specialities.

Every Sunday in October, the Chestnut Festival is held at Montefiore Conca.


  • Riccione: Friday
  • Morciano di Romagna: Thursday
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