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The Pink Night – La Notte Rosa

The Pink Night is the New Year’s Eve of the summer, the main event of Italian summer on the Adriatic coast. Everything becomes tinked with pink, from the restaurants to the beaches, and from Ravenna to Cattolica it’s a big party with shows and concerts of national and international level.

So, music concerts, but not only: theatre performances, theme illuminations, happenings on the beach, scenographies, and fireworks that at the stroke of midnight of the last day of party they illuminate the whole coast in the same time.

The pyrotechnic show, really exciting, is the coronation of an event extraordinary to live on the beach just to enjoy the magic reflex of lights and colours on the water, in the same time along 100 kilometres of Adriatic coast.

The three days of the Pink Night’s happenings are usually those of the first weekend of July, in full bathing season, guarantee of tourism, sun and fun! The period is perfect to celebrate on the coast this extraordinary party that represents the New Year’s Eve of the summer.

By this occasion, Cattolica is obviously ready to welcome you in the best way in its hotel accommodations besides then in its roads, squares and beaches, which will be pink-dressed everywhere.

Pink is in fact the key to the reading of the whole coast, available and pleasant as its best tradition but also transgressive, funny and spectacular; full of love, rose, exactly! The proposals offered by Cattolica hotels are the ideal for a sea holiday full of relax and funs.
Cattolica offer special stays in hotel well equipped with all comforts and a cooking which includes all the best dishes of traditional best Romagna gastronomy that with high quality service and friendliness of the people make a perfect climate where to spend your holidays.

The hotels are well equipped to let you spend your holidays just how you want, according to your tastes: relaxing rooms, fitness centres, whirlpool bath, swimming pools and TV rooms are available for you and your leisure time.

Directly close to the beach resorts, these hotels allow you to spend a comfortable and pleasant holiday, in this seaside resort among the best of Italy, not only for the services that are offered, but also for the great experience in tourism and welcoming. Here every your need will be satisfied by our hotelkeepers, that will be always available and friendly as in their best tradition.

After a good day between the sea and the hotel, the Pink Night will inflame with a great party of shows and every kind of event that will take place all over the 100 kilometres of our beautiful coast, entirely pink-dressed.

The shows will take place according a scheduled program that the organisers will put on evidence everywhere so that you can always be updated on what it happens all around the beach and your hotel.

In Cattolica day and night follow satisfying everyone’s need. The younger will find their paradise enjoying the many parties offered by the Night Pink and the famous discos between the hills and the coast.

Among these, authentic symbol of this coast which as everyone knows is a “fun-land”, a special mention is for Baia Imperiale and Cocoricò, the discos where the best world disk jockeys liven up the evenings attracting a big public from all Italy. A lot of cafés on the waterfront between Cattolica and Rimini are the ideal place, together with the beach resorts, where to spend pleasant evenings and where the parties follow for a great fun nonstop.

The proximity with Rimini and Riccione offers therefore a pleasant alternative and a guarantee to live a full emotional holiday. While the fireworks reflect their selves on the sea, all the town will be on hand to give you a holiday unique in all Italy and not only, for quality services and friendliness typical of the queen among the seaside resorts of all Adriatic coast. For more info visit the official site at