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The Flower exhibition “Cattolica in Fiore”

The Flower exhibition "Cattolica in Fiore"



The first Flower Show in Cattolica date back to the beginning of the ‘70s, when it was organized an exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants was organized destined to receive, year by year, an increasing success thanks to the involvement of many exhibitors and nurserymen besides to simple impassioned of gardening and curious people coming from all Italy.

The show-exposition Cattolica in bloom, which takes place every spring during the first days of May, it represents a suggestive celebration of the nature and the incredible universe of flowers and plants that, with the arrival of the hot season, they reach and they express totally their extraordinary enchantment.

This unmissable flower show unties him through the city centre flooding the roads and the sidewalks of Cattolica for more than 4.000 square meters and turning the city into an overflowing garden with flowers of every colour and plants of every kind and dimension. Crossing the town you have almost the impression to live in a bewitched country, populated by a variegated crowd of visitors and where the nature reigns sovereign.

Square Roosevelt, centre of the town hall, and Market Square, are full of green areas and by the occasion turn into two wonderful floral islands that lead in Mancini Avenue, equally full of flowers and plants, so as Neptune Square and Bovio Avenue.
You reach so the historical Square May 1st, so close to the beach to often be crossed by the delicate brackish perfume coming from the sea. Full of plants and flowers, once was named the Square of the Sirens tributing to the statue situated in the centre of the square where they tower, beautiful and ethereal, three sinuous sirens covered by soft draperies.

Between the endless tones of the green and the sparkling of the other colours that characterize and paint the stands of exhibitors and nurserymen it stands out also the presence of numerous stands that propose handicraft manufactured articles, natural and biological products, articles and accessories for gardening, ornamental decorations, furniture for outdoors and elements to create and furnish a green area at your home.

The visitors of the flower show are not necessarily people that are usually interested in gardening but also a lot of curious and neophytes that don’t loose the occasion to explore a world in which the irresistible beauty of flowers and plants and the love for the nature become complement the one of the other.
The tourist offer by Cattolica during the days of Cattolica in bloom flower show subsequently becomes wealthy with funny shows and every kind of events, exhibitions, concerts and fireworks, beside to a lot of other fun opportunities, relax and entertainment that the town offers especially during the summer.

A gilded and well equipped beach whether to spend dense unforgettable days of events and emotions, famous fun parks, trendy restaurants and discos, a beautiful and suggestive hinterland, breathtaking panoramas and a cooking famous all over the world for its unique tastes.

The indisputable charm of the Flower Show of Cattolica must be inserted therefore in a variegated tourist and landscape context able to give his guests endless moments of relax and fun that follow nonstop.

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