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Events Cattolica – June 2015





Every eveningMULTIETHNICAL MARKET – Harbour at River Ventena, evening hours
Every evening  MARKET OF SMALL HANDICRAFT AND HOBBYIST – Promenade Rasi Spinelli/Via Fiume, evening hours
MonBEACH VOLLEY  Amateur tournement (mixed doubles) Beach Tennis Cattolica at Aquarium’s beach, 20.30
Tue from 16th KIDS’ FLEA MARKET: toys’ show and change, collections and knick-knacks – Piazza Mercato, evening hours
Wed BEACH TENNIS – Tournament (mixed doubles / mixed double men) – Beach Tennis Club at Aquarium’s beach,  20.30
Wed from 10th MARKET “The street of the wonders” – Via Matteotti, evening hours
Wed from 3rd ARTISTIC WEDNESDAY “EXTEMPORANEOUS PAINTERS” – Piazza Primo Maggio, evening hours
Thu 11st  and 25th  MARKET “A FUNNY THURSDAY” – Via Mancini, evening hours
FriBEACH TENNIS BEACH  – Amateur tournament – Beach Tennis Club at Aquarium’s beach
Every Sat and Sun BEACH TENNIS  Amateur tournement (yellow mixed doubles) Beach Tennis Cattolica at Aquarium’s beach, 14.30
Sun from 14th Market “Sunday at the harbour. Shopping & flavour” – Harbour, evening hours
Tue 2nd REPUBLIC DAY  – Primo Maggio,  16.00
Sat 6th/7th I° PHILATELIC AND NUMISMATICAL MEETING  “In urbe crustumium” – Hotel Kursaal
Sat 6th/7th DANCE – “La Nuova Accademia di Marinella Capuano” Exhibition– Teatro della Regina, 21
Sun 14th FISHING –   CUP: ”Fabio Binda Memorial” – al Porto
Wed 17th QUEEN’S OPERA CHOIR IN CONCERT – Salone Snaporaz, ore 21.30
Thu 18th  DINNER STREET FESTIVAL 2015. A TRIP TO ”South America ” Street Food, dj set, dalla salsa alla capouera – Piazzali Roosevelt and Mercato, Viali Mancini, Bovio and Matteotti
Fri 19th CHILDREN FESTIVAL: CRISTINA D’AVENA & GEM BOY e DJ Set e vocalist – Piazza Primo Maggio, 21.30
Fri  19th/21st   SUPERBIKE & SUPERSPORT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – – Santamonica race track, TV time
Sat 20th BEACH TENNIS Amateur tournement double UNDER 10/12/14 – Beach Tennis Cattolica Aquarium’s beach, 20.30
Mon  22nd CHOIR CONCERT “La bottega delle voci” – Piazza Mercato, 21.15
Thu 25th “SHARKY’S BAY” – Children entertainment – Aquarium, 21.00
Thu 25th-26th-27th 42nd  “GRAN GIALLO CITTA’ DI CATTOLICA” – Piazza Primo Maggio: Thriller literature festival – Meeting with authors and movie screenings on the beach, Piazza Primo Maggio, 21.00
Sun 28th RETROSPECTIVE MYSTFEST Movie screenings on the beach – Altamarea Beach Village, 21
29th – 2nd  July DANZFEST VIII Edition – International Summer School  of dance – Teatro della Regina

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